Talks That Will Turn Off Your Girl

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in Talks That Will Turn Off Your Girl   Comments Off

The biggest difference between the sexual attitude of men and women is that men are by default turned on, while women are turned off. It is quite difficult to turn them on for a pleasure session, but if you succeed in turning them on, then it becomes necessary that you don’t screw up the entire effort. It won’t take much to turn her off and a simple one-liner is enough to ruin her mood. Here, in this article I will teach you how you can avoid such a situation.

Do not mention your ex: Agreed you ex-girlfriend was a sex bomb and knew a lot more techniques than your present girl, but there is a reason why you left her and are in a new relationship. So avoid mentioning anything like “Jenny had bigger tits than you” or “Cristina and I used to do it three times on Sundays”. Forget your past, she is not your Jenny or Cristina. It is not only hurtful but also insulting to the girl and if you keep on doing this every now and then, your relationship might end up in a dump.

Do not ask too many questions: Asking too many questions like “Can we do missionary tonight?”, “Can you please ride me?” or worse “Can I kiss your breasts?” are a surefire way to turn her off. Stop asking her such silly questions because it will irritate her and you might end up on the far side of the bed. Sex is more about non-verbal communication and you do not ask for permissions, let your actions speak for themselves. If you want to kiss her someplace then slowly move towards it and if she is uncomfortable she will tell you herself.

There’s a limit to dirty talking: Dirty talking is a great way to turn on a woman, but it comes with its own perils. Don’t go overboard and start mouthing dialogues from the porn movie you saw yesterday. Make sure that you do not say anything that is derogatory or insulting. Calling her a whore or slut is a bad idea. Dirty talk should be sexy and fun and must not belittle the dignity of your girl.


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