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Female Seduction Strategy – 4 Keys to Seducing a Woman

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in Female Seduction Strategy – 4 Keys to Seducing a Woman   Comments Off

How many times have you thought about what it would be like to be able to seduce any woman that you wanted to?  Of course,  most guys just assume that they will have no real chance of that ever happening,  and so,  they don’t really make any moves at all in the right direction to seduce a woman.

And then there are the guys that try and try and even try again.  It seems like nothing that they do will EVER work,  and they just quit on the belief that they might be able to seduce a woman.

Well,  you don’t want to be either one of those guys,  do you?

No,  you want to actually make it REAL,  make it HAPPEN,  and wind up being the kind of guy that your buddies are all JEALOUS of!

Here are 4 keys to seducing a woman that can make that happen for YOU:

1.  When you start out,  you ARE going to face ‘some’ rejection.

Seduction is not for the faint of heart,  the kind of wimpy guy that backs off at the first sign that a woman may not be into you.  So,  if you are that kind of guy,  you either have to make a change,  or you just have to accept a lot of lonely nights as a way of life.  The thing is,  some rejection can be a GOOD thing,  because it teaches you what female seduction strategies will work and which ones are a waste of time.

2.  If you convey to a woman that your only desire is to have sex with her,  get ready to walk away empty handed.

One of the funny paradoxes about sex and women,  is that while they are just as into it as you and I are,  if they think that all you want is to get laid,  then you are going to get played.  See,  she does not really want to wake up the next morning thinking that she was just some cheap lay.  And the men that are really successful at seducing a woman,  they know this,  and they make sure that they never make her feel that way.

3.  You need to be able to seduce her with body language.

If you want to make seducing a woman become a REALITY,  then you have to discover how to use sexual body language to get her in the mood.  Some guys,  they just know how to do this,  and others have to spend a lot of time learning,  but it is more than worth it.  Communication is a big part of seduction,  and body language plays a huge role in communication.

4.  Make sure that you don’t end up backing down at the end.

I’ve seen it happen before.  A guy will have a woman right at the point where she wants to get intimate,  where she is practically yearning for it,  and then he gets a little scared and backs down.  You have to man up and be able to close the deal,  so to speak,  or else you will only have fantasies about seducing beautiful women,  not real experiences.