How to Control Women – Ways to Take Charge and Stay in Control of Her

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in How to Control Women – Ways to Take Charge and Stay in Control of Her   Comments Off

A huge problem men have is they do not know how to control their women. I am not making some sexist statement that you have to “keep her in line” or anything like that. My point is that is you want to succeed long term in a relationship it is far easier if you know how to control women and are in the “driver’s seat” of your relationship. This guide will give you an idea of how to achieve that.

The reasons you need to know how to control women; what happens when she controls you

If you let her take charge and control you the first thing you do is lose status. She will see you as weak and lose respect for you. If this happens it will be easy for her to lose interest in you. The best way to have this not happen is to take a measure of control with her early. Show her you are in charge and a decision maker. She must see you as a strong and proud Alpha Male. Women can be very powerful and “take charge” in their own rights these days, and that is a good thing; but for relationship purposes you must not let her assume that control.

Take charge early and let her know you are decisive and a decision maker

When you first take her out you must order food for the both of you. This sets an important precedence with her. It shows that you are not scared to take charge and possibly raise her anger. You must be seen to have a spine by her. Be a man, be a leader and be forceful and positive. If you do all this you will maintain control of the woman you are interested in, stay in charge of the relationship you are in and maintain the high status that will keep her interested in you.


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