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Using Words That Will Have Women Get The Hots For You

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in Things That You Can Say That Will Impress Women – Using Words to Get Her Hot For You   Comments Off

You have to practice and gain knowledge and a certain “skill” to be really good at attracting women. A lucky few individuals were born with the talent, but most people who are good work really hard at it; at least until it becomes second nature to them. Being able to “talk easily” with women is one of the single most important things that you can do to improve your dating skills.

Does flattery work to impress women, using words to get the girl?

Flattery does, in fact, work as a tactic to impress women. The issue is that most people do not know how to effectively employ flattery. Sometimes comments about appearance can be nice. It is like telling her in a general manner that she looks pretty or beautiful. It is at least better than simply saying that an aspect of her physical appearance is attractive. She cannot control her genetics, she may be “hot” but constantly telling her that does not impress her, she has little control over that. You should give her compliments for things she does have power over. A hairstyle or clothing choice. It must be only decisions she makes if it is regarding her appearance. Try complimenting her on her personality or things she says or has done. The idea is to compliment her on the things that make her who she is, not complimenting her on having fortunate genetics. If you compliment her in this way, you will stand out from the typical guys. Mess it up and you are just another guy lusting after her.

Let your style, cloths and body language speak for you, and help get her hot for you

Words can be excellent in seducing women, but you should not talk too much, you need to always maintain a certain air of, “mystery” to be really attractive and make what you say more powerful. There is not any single word or concept that will make every woman fall passionately in love with you. You say a lot more than you think you might, just by your appearance and body language, though. You are really saying a heck of a lot without every saying a thing. I used to have a lot of issue with this, “style” thing. I have never been particularly stylish and had no desire to be a “peacock”, the real secret is that you do not need to go overboard to impress, you just need style that is “you”.