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How to Succeed With Women – Methods You Can Use Right Away

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in How to Succeed With Women – Methods You Can Use Right Away   Comments Off

Eliciting emotional responses from women it the key to succeeding with them and building up anticipation, but you have to do it slowly. Being too forward right way or going in too hot too fast will scare all your targets away. Be natural, subtle, and increase when necessary.

When you notice a girl that you desire the first thing to do is make her take notice of you and make clear contact with your eyes. The most important thing to do when she makes eye contact is to meet her gaze and don’t look away. This technique is innocent but it allows her to know without a doubt that you’d be interested in meeting her, it also lets her know that you are the kind of man that always moves forward when he sees something he wants. Do not let her look move you and never turn away before she looks away first. That’s critical to the first round of the seduction.

She will look over gain once she has become aware of your presence, it might take some time for her to do it but she will eventually do it, if only our of a sense of curiosity. It’s at this point that you must lock with her gaze and simply smile. This technique is so under used and underrated these days, but, know what, it allows you to introduce yourself with your eyes, without saying anything, and it breaks down a lot of barriers without a word. Powerful stuff.

Ok. Now, watch her and see if she smiles back at you. When she does you know that the game is on, that she is signaling you to come to talk to her. If she doesn’t smile, she’s not waving you in, so hang back for now. If for some reason she does not make eye contact with you again then you shouldn’t hit on her. She’s not into it at the moment, whatever the reason may be. You shouldn’t feel bad about it, just say in your mind – it’s her loss not yours. And at that point move forward and on to a different girl that you’re digging on and keep repeating the first two steps.

When you get the smile back you must approach her, all you do is walk up to her and introduce yourself briefly. It’s what she wants from you, she’s invited you. It’s more than enough to simply say hi and tell her your name.

Never ever shake hands. That is the quickest way to a crash and burn. This is not and never will be an office meeting, it’s flirting. You are not buddies, pals, or even friends. You’re a guy and it must be clear that you’re doing some flirting. Be yourself, have fun with the time, be casual, and enjoy it.

Gentlemen, if you’re too serious you’re going to kill it. It’s best to go from your gut in these situations, do not approach with pick up lines that you’re already memorized. Stiff and boring is the way those will come out, and you will very likely hear a small giggle and get the view of her back turning away from you.

Picking up is about being completely natural. Things are all around you and her, thousands of things that you can use as conversation, the most important thing is to use your humor and keep the conversation flowing. We all have a sense of humor, use it. When they say be yourself, that is what they’re talking about. Topics to chose from could be anything, what you’re drinking, the music playing, the weather, simply keep things moving and flowing at all times.

You have to have fun, you have to vibe off of your and flirt. You’ll get a sense of where things are heading very soon, the most critical thing is you are a guy that goes in for the kill, many, if not most guys can’t do that. After a few minutes go by, if there’s no good vibe or if she starts to lose interest, never let it get you down and never blame yourself. Put it back on the girl, it is her problem, not yours. And now you can move on. With time, it won’t take long, you’ll hit a winner.

Succeeding with women in the world of seduction is about taking your chances at every opportunity and remember to move on if things don’t work out. Be a player, a player does not get thrown by one at bat or even one inning.