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How To Last Longer in Bed and Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever

August 6th, 2010 by Bobby Trey | Posted in How To Last Longer in Bed and Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever   Comments Off

If you’re like 99% of men, you want to last longer in bed and give your woman the best orgasms. It might help you to please your woman better, seduce a woman, or get your woman back. You might be surprised at the 3 steps to do this…

The three same steps actually give the benefits of high seduction, long love making sessions, and g-spot orgasms. So, by following these three steps you can get three for one. And make one happy woman.

Step One. Prepare your lady mentally to receive what you’re going to give her physically. A cold woman is not fun. You can do a lot to warm a woman up based on your communication skills.

Letting the woman know that she is more than a sex object is a key concept. If you are sincere about it, and can express yourself then she will get it.

Open up her imagination so that she can rehearse what she’d like to live sexually. You can do that by telling her sexy stories, asking her fantasies, and telling her your fantasies. If you get something you can agree upon you’re going to go a long ways toward getting her excited. Maybe even having an orgasm.

Step Two. Make your woman excited with your fingers and tongue. Most women can have longer, more varied, and better orgasms via your tongue and fingers than with your penis. Why? Because you have more touch and dexterity with your fingers and tongue than your manhood. If you don’t believe it then open the door with your penis. No takers?

Give her lots of kissing, touching, and hugging. When she’s ready for more she will let you know by asking you, putting your hand where she wants it, or making a very bold offer to you.

Then take some time on her breasts. Tickle them, tease them, cup them, gently pull them, knead them, lick them, and suck them. Many women can actually have orgasms through their breasts. So, if you spend thirty minutes on her breasts, you’re going to have a long love making session.

Then gently touch her clitoris. Remember that less is better. Do lots of teasing and that will take more time, make your hornier, and give her more orgasms. You’ll be solving all three problems above.

After she has had a clitoral orgasm, slide your fingers inside her and stroke her g-spot. Use your middle and index fingers and stroke it towards you with a firm and consistent pressure.

Keep in mind that you can use different combinations of teasing and orgasms. Like breast and clitoris, clitoris and g-spot, all three combined, and so forth. The more orgasms you give her, the more and intense they will be.

She will be squeezing in and pushing out at the same time. This gives forth to female ejaculations and residual orgasms where she will play today and come tomorrow when driving to work (with no touch). Now that is very exciting!

She will be going out of her mind, and think that you’re the best lover on the planet. You can spend 2-8 hours at this stage and give her the best orgasms ever!

Step Three. Now, when she’s totally going nuts, screaming out your name, chanting, associating you with deity, and so on, then slowly tease her with your penis. Tease the head in a bit and pull it out. Push it in a few inches and out again. Slowly do this until she literally slams you inside her.

Make sure that you go upwards at about a 20-degree angle to hit her clitoris and g-spot and you rasp her like a file. Now you don’t have to worry about lasting longer because you’re already there. You’ve seduced her to the point she can’t stand it. You’ve given her the best orgasms of her life and this is just gravy.

You cannot have premature problems because you’re already there. Now finish up, and remember, you can always go back to the other combinations, and go on like this for many cycles.