Seducing Women With Body Language

Alluring the bird mind creature of this enormous powerful place has been occurring from the time of the birth. Temptation is the world’s extensive truth and easiest way to get a chance of any double cross game that has been related to feminine sex.

Men beguiles women very gently to mild the feelings of warmth capacity. Seduction is the way that men usually adopt to use women. Compationate attitude of tempting men resolves the perplexed state of mind of women that may be found in them due to their any empty place either in their beds or in their hearts.

Since this world has been made with different kinds of matters, god has the made the women with the rib of men so how they came into different traps of evil creature and most considerable I must say. After World War 2 this corruption has been explored in all over the world to exploit sex without any restricted laws.

Hunger of more desire to satisfy their needs is the major conflict that has urged to do this with women. So, men frame of mind has been always woven with attractive sparkling wool that must have a victim inside.

To ignore opposite sex to whom they want to posses is also another swindle to trap. Women are seduced from the time of their existence due to their inner conflict of weakness. Women are attracted due to satisfy their inner desires of sex, completion of their conscience. Such satisfaction leads them to depend upon the men and they leaned towards them.

This question usually disturbed all the human minds of the world that why women always love to be loved and men want to love them, why man is overpowering and ruling this world and also the tiny sensible mind of their opposite sex.

Seduce women through different stratagem make them hasty to have such addiction of satisfaction, not even with proper body contact but to exhort them to come their inner feelings hearty.

Men with attitude have been always in the top list of desiring hot cons. This is very amiable, pleasure able game for powerful creature to gat satisfaction. Opposite sex always has been attracted in one free space like opposite charges.

Men are the needs of women, and women are the needs of men. Firstly, men took step to satisfy all requirements of both and that step is seduction.

Seduce Women With Your Muscles and Leave Long-Lasting Impressions

Having a muscular body which is fit and healthy has many advantages. It ensures healthy living and also attracts people. It is good to show off the macho muscles to the ones you love. Moreover, you also enjoy the strength and stamina these strong muscles give you and enjoy the extra bit of energy in your life. However, the word of caution is that you need to know the medically best way to build muscles in your body to leave a long-lasting impression. Remember that only healthy ways can help you lead a healthy life. Learn more about the ideal path to build chest muscles.

• Eat right: Since you have to get into a physically active lifestyle, it is essential to provide all the nutritional supplements to your body through the foods. So, choose the right balanced diet that gives your body the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as required.

• Drink well: You need to drink enough water at regular time intervals. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This keeps you rehydrated and helps you emotionally too. Drinking is also essential in keeping the cells healthy and assisting in breaking down of nutrients from various food sources. This is the primary solvent of the water-soluble vitamins. Remember to drink water before exercises, during breaks and after exercising too.

• Aerobic exercises: There are many aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, sprinting, etc that can increase the oxygen intake and energize your body completely before going for endurance exercises. Even warming up and stretching exercises help in this regard.

• Endurance exercises: There are inclined bench exercises, dumbbell flyes and presses which are very effective in building the muscle mass.

Seducing Women Through Flirtation – Scarface Style

You may wonder how to seduce women through flirting. If so let me tell you strait up. It is all about creating sexual tension with a woman. To paraphrase Tony Montana, “In this country, you gotta make the flirt first. Then when you get the flirt, you get the sexual tension. Then when you get the sexual tension, then you get the women.” Do you think you are inept at flirting? If so, good news, flirting is a teachable skill. It is not hard to improve it either. Just learn from “Scarface”, Tony Montana…

I flirt for fun, but for a green card, I gonna flirt her up real nice

Yes, that Tony is quite a flirt. Being full of so much confidence and bravado, how could he not be a great flirt? There is one essential thing that Tony knows. Attraction is an emotion and if you can master this emotion you “get the women”. The fact that it is an emotion is important. It is not logical, you cannot reason with attraction. It cannot be bought. All the “reasons” she “likes” you come after she is attracted. If you play to her emotion of attraction you will get the woman in the end. One of the best ways to do this, of course is by mastering the art of flirting.

You wanna flirt with me? Okay. You wanna play hard to get? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!

No, Tony’s little friend isn’t a M16A1. It is his understanding and use of body language. Tony knows that understanding and utilizing body language cues in flirting is an essential part of the whole package. He knows that flirting is about much more than a few witty lines. He knows that creating sexual tension is about using a lot of subtle little things to attract a woman to you. Body language, a thorough understanding of what women desire, use of humor, positivity and confidence and much more; Tony not only knows all of this but he can see it through to the end in an easy going and confident manner.

The guys who want it all, chicas, champagne, flash… they don’t last.

How To Last Longer in Bed and Give Your Woman the Best Orgasms Ever

If you’re like 99% of men, you want to last longer in bed and give your woman the best orgasms. It might help you to please your woman better, seduce a woman, or get your woman back. You might be surprised at the 3 steps to do this…

The three same steps actually give the benefits of high seduction, long love making sessions, and g-spot orgasms. So, by following these three steps you can get three for one. And make one happy woman.

Step One. Prepare your lady mentally to receive what you’re going to give her physically. A cold woman is not fun. You can do a lot to warm a woman up based on your communication skills.

Letting the woman know that she is more than a sex object is a key concept. If you are sincere about it, and can express yourself then she will get it.

Open up her imagination so that she can rehearse what she’d like to live sexually. You can do that by telling her sexy stories, asking her fantasies, and telling her your fantasies. If you get something you can agree upon you’re going to go a long ways toward getting her excited. Maybe even having an orgasm.

Step Two. Make your woman excited with your fingers and tongue. Most women can have longer, more varied, and better orgasms via your tongue and fingers than with your penis. Why? Because you have more touch and dexterity with your fingers and tongue than your manhood. If you don’t believe it then open the door with your penis. No takers?

Give her lots of kissing, touching, and hugging. When she’s ready for more she will let you know by asking you, putting your hand where she wants it, or making a very bold offer to you.

Then take some time on her breasts. Tickle them, tease them, cup them, gently pull them, knead them, lick them, and suck them. Many women can actually have orgasms through their breasts. So, if you spend thirty minutes on her breasts, you’re going to have a long love making session.

Then gently touch her clitoris. Remember that less is better. Do lots of teasing and that will take more time, make your hornier, and give her more orgasms. You’ll be solving all three problems above.

After she has had a clitoral orgasm, slide your fingers inside her and stroke her g-spot. Use your middle and index fingers and stroke it towards you with a firm and consistent pressure.

Keep in mind that you can use different combinations of teasing and orgasms. Like breast and clitoris, clitoris and g-spot, all three combined, and so forth. The more orgasms you give her, the more and intense they will be.

She will be squeezing in and pushing out at the same time. This gives forth to female ejaculations and residual orgasms where she will play today and come tomorrow when driving to work (with no touch). Now that is very exciting!

She will be going out of her mind, and think that you’re the best lover on the planet. You can spend 2-8 hours at this stage and give her the best orgasms ever!

Step Three. Now, when she’s totally going nuts, screaming out your name, chanting, associating you with deity, and so on, then slowly tease her with your penis. Tease the head in a bit and pull it out. Push it in a few inches and out again. Slowly do this until she literally slams you inside her.

Make sure that you go upwards at about a 20-degree angle to hit her clitoris and g-spot and you rasp her like a file. Now you don’t have to worry about lasting longer because you’re already there. You’ve seduced her to the point she can’t stand it. You’ve given her the best orgasms of her life and this is just gravy.

You cannot have premature problems because you’re already there. Now finish up, and remember, you can always go back to the other combinations, and go on like this for many cycles.

Female Seduction Strategy – 4 Keys to Seducing a Woman

How many times have you thought about what it would be like to be able to seduce any woman that you wanted to?  Of course,  most guys just assume that they will have no real chance of that ever happening,  and so,  they don’t really make any moves at all in the right direction to seduce a woman.

And then there are the guys that try and try and even try again.  It seems like nothing that they do will EVER work,  and they just quit on the belief that they might be able to seduce a woman.

Well,  you don’t want to be either one of those guys,  do you?

No,  you want to actually make it REAL,  make it HAPPEN,  and wind up being the kind of guy that your buddies are all JEALOUS of!

Here are 4 keys to seducing a woman that can make that happen for YOU:

1.  When you start out,  you ARE going to face ‘some’ rejection.

Seduction is not for the faint of heart,  the kind of wimpy guy that backs off at the first sign that a woman may not be into you.  So,  if you are that kind of guy,  you either have to make a change,  or you just have to accept a lot of lonely nights as a way of life.  The thing is,  some rejection can be a GOOD thing,  because it teaches you what female seduction strategies will work and which ones are a waste of time.

2.  If you convey to a woman that your only desire is to have sex with her,  get ready to walk away empty handed.

One of the funny paradoxes about sex and women,  is that while they are just as into it as you and I are,  if they think that all you want is to get laid,  then you are going to get played.  See,  she does not really want to wake up the next morning thinking that she was just some cheap lay.  And the men that are really successful at seducing a woman,  they know this,  and they make sure that they never make her feel that way.

3.  You need to be able to seduce her with body language.

If you want to make seducing a woman become a REALITY,  then you have to discover how to use sexual body language to get her in the mood.  Some guys,  they just know how to do this,  and others have to spend a lot of time learning,  but it is more than worth it.  Communication is a big part of seduction,  and body language plays a huge role in communication.

4.  Make sure that you don’t end up backing down at the end.

I’ve seen it happen before.  A guy will have a woman right at the point where she wants to get intimate,  where she is practically yearning for it,  and then he gets a little scared and backs down.  You have to man up and be able to close the deal,  so to speak,  or else you will only have fantasies about seducing beautiful women,  not real experiences.

How To Give A Woman Intense G-Spot And Clitoris Orgasms (Sex Games)

What is the most erogenous spot on a woman? The answer may surprise you! Read here to get the secret of seducing women and giving them intense, long orgasms.

What’s the secret? The most erogenous spot on a woman (or a man) is the brain. It is the largest sex organ in a body.

How do you prove it to yourself. You may laugh at this little test but bare with me.

Put something in your lover’s ears to muffle her hearing. Then bend down and speak to her breasts. Then, speak to her vagina. Did you get lots of reaction?

Now, take the ear muffs off and talk to her. Find out about her most innermost fantasies and converse with her. Make sure that you understand what her fantasy is by rehearsing it back to her. Then, with any corrections, take her through her fantasy step-by-step, in detail.

You should see some changes in her. Her breathing should quicken, her face should be flushed, and her heartbeat should be racing. She could be moist or even sopping wet.

There’s even a good chance that she could have a very intense orgasm. And you created it through your words.

There’s the proof that the human brain is the biggest and best sex organ! You can do this in person, by texting, email, or on the phone.

I have friends that report to me that they have given women orgasms through each means. They are credible people. The more that you can turn the woman on the better chance you will have to give her orgasms.

They report that women, once turned on, will go to incredible lengths to get satisfied. Some will go through incredible challenges and expense to meet you.

Now, you can continue to do it the hard way or you can make it easy by appealing to their brain and put the onus on them to initiate contact. They’ll beg for it.

There are many sex games that you can use to stimulate or complete a woman’s arousal. I suggest four concepts to use:

1. Vary the place. For example, you may want to have sex in a car, taxi, or a park.

2. Vary the clothing. Several of my friends dared a woman to meet them just dressed in a coat or nightgown with nothing beneath it. They did, and it turned into wonderful interludes.

3. Vary the scenario. You might have a woman come over to your apartment and meet you in the dark. What I mean is that a perfect stranger’s first touch is in the dark. This has proven very hot!

4. Vary the assignment. You can give each other assignments. Like you might ask the woman to ask a stranger that day to make love to her and then report back to you with the results. The anticipation that builds up in this assignments is unbearable.

Once, she has a clitoral orgasm or is close to it, you can touch the clitoris in a very teasing manner and get her off. Then, most women report that they are very amenable to g-spot orgasms.

The g-spot is very enlarged and swollen at that point. Use a “come hither” movement with your index and middle fingers to finish her off.

Keep in mind, though, that most of the work has been done by reaching her brain. That is always the key to reaching her body.

Try one of these sex games and fantasies tonight and let me know how they work for you.

Talks That Will Turn Off Your Girl

The biggest difference between the sexual attitude of men and women is that men are by default turned on, while women are turned off. It is quite difficult to turn them on for a pleasure session, but if you succeed in turning them on, then it becomes necessary that you don’t screw up the entire effort. It won’t take much to turn her off and a simple one-liner is enough to ruin her mood. Here, in this article I will teach you how you can avoid such a situation.

Do not mention your ex: Agreed you ex-girlfriend was a sex bomb and knew a lot more techniques than your present girl, but there is a reason why you left her and are in a new relationship. So avoid mentioning anything like “Jenny had bigger tits than you” or “Cristina and I used to do it three times on Sundays”. Forget your past, she is not your Jenny or Cristina. It is not only hurtful but also insulting to the girl and if you keep on doing this every now and then, your relationship might end up in a dump.

Do not ask too many questions: Asking too many questions like “Can we do missionary tonight?”, “Can you please ride me?” or worse “Can I kiss your breasts?” are a surefire way to turn her off. Stop asking her such silly questions because it will irritate her and you might end up on the far side of the bed. Sex is more about non-verbal communication and you do not ask for permissions, let your actions speak for themselves. If you want to kiss her someplace then slowly move towards it and if she is uncomfortable she will tell you herself.

There’s a limit to dirty talking: Dirty talking is a great way to turn on a woman, but it comes with its own perils. Don’t go overboard and start mouthing dialogues from the porn movie you saw yesterday. Make sure that you do not say anything that is derogatory or insulting. Calling her a whore or slut is a bad idea. Dirty talk should be sexy and fun and must not belittle the dignity of your girl.

How to Control Women – Ways to Take Charge and Stay in Control of Her

A huge problem men have is they do not know how to control their women. I am not making some sexist statement that you have to “keep her in line” or anything like that. My point is that is you want to succeed long term in a relationship it is far easier if you know how to control women and are in the “driver’s seat” of your relationship. This guide will give you an idea of how to achieve that.

The reasons you need to know how to control women; what happens when she controls you

If you let her take charge and control you the first thing you do is lose status. She will see you as weak and lose respect for you. If this happens it will be easy for her to lose interest in you. The best way to have this not happen is to take a measure of control with her early. Show her you are in charge and a decision maker. She must see you as a strong and proud Alpha Male. Women can be very powerful and “take charge” in their own rights these days, and that is a good thing; but for relationship purposes you must not let her assume that control.

Take charge early and let her know you are decisive and a decision maker

When you first take her out you must order food for the both of you. This sets an important precedence with her. It shows that you are not scared to take charge and possibly raise her anger. You must be seen to have a spine by her. Be a man, be a leader and be forceful and positive. If you do all this you will maintain control of the woman you are interested in, stay in charge of the relationship you are in and maintain the high status that will keep her interested in you.

How to Seduce a Woman – How to Ease Her Into Seduction

One of the worst things that you can do if you want to seduce a woman is to be too forward when it comes to the act of seduction. Women want to be teased, they want to have fun, they want to be wooed. If you are too hasty in your attempts to seduce her, then the chances of you actually succeeding will start to wane. You need to know how to seduce a woman by easing her into seduction.

Here are some tips on how to seduce a woman with EASE:

1. She needs to know that it is not just about another lay.

If that’s all she thinks that she is to you, then you are going to get a lot of resistance from her. Hey, she might even just shut you out altogether and leave you with another lonely night. To combat this, you have to be able to make her feel that is more about the “experience” than anything else. You have to get her in the right mood, and when she thinks that sex is all it is about, the mood dies famously.

2. You have to make a connection on a physical level with her.

I won’t try to play coy with you on this subject, physical attraction and a physical connection will make the transition from just flirty to downright dirty happen a lot quicker. To be able to make a physical connection with her, you have to start using sexual body language to communicate subconsciously with her. This way, you don’t have to put in half the work to get the results that you crave.

3. You have to BE the alpha male.

This is when you need to step into the shoes and play the part. The alpha male gets the girl because that is what nature designed. To try and claim otherwise, is well, foolish. She has to be able to get the vibe that you truly are the alpha male and that she should give into her whims and her desires. Then, you don’t have to worry about much of any resistance and the seduction will become EASY for you.

How You Can Seduce an Attractive Girl 3 Ways

If you are seeking powerful ways to make any girl fall in love quick, you need to understand some important facts about seduction generally.

You require conversation abilities and also the determination to enhance your personality.

The truth is, an attraction is simply a reaction to a stimuli. You need to supply the stimuli, and the girl will react. This implies that you need to remove the elements which will have an effect on the outcome of the attraction process. Now you understand this truth, let us find out what you should do to make a girl fall madly in love with you.

3 Aspects that are very important:

1. There is a big gaping pitfall associated with ‘just being yourself’. If you do not control how you convey your personality to a girl, you’ll unintentionally present your weak points of your social personality. What you ought to do is to prevent yourself from discussing about previous dating mistakes with a girl, and start to look into the greatest things about yourself so that you are able to make her view you at the onset.

Nobody is perfect. However, you are able to manipulate what she sees by influencing your own thinking process and therefore, your body gestures, on your first date.

Get a listing of your very best thoughts, especially the ones that will certainly put you on the woman’s good side.

2. If you are sharing stories with a girl, you would possibly get yourself diving deep into your subconscious mind instead of observing her response to you. Have you been boring her? You have to check and find out. Certain guys react to receptive girls so well that they simply presume they are able to maintain a female’s interest by blabbing forever.

Make the girl share her own stories and get a new topic when you are slipping.

3. One method to stay totally in control of the conversation is by using hypnosis. By utilizing Covert hypnosis, you are able to control the attraction process by getting the woman go through a roller-coaster of emotions.

The outcome is that she will not think about other people but you, and she will not manage to concentrate on other things other than the way in which she feels when you are around.